Inspired by content

Behind the official biography. 

I’m Natalie Johnson: copywriter, brand strategist and a professional communicator.

I’ve spent fifteen years in a career obsessing over great brands, great design and great content. In that time I’ve been fortunate to work for some dynamic brands, looking after their brand and their content. From my first fabulous job at the low-cost airline Go, to my most recent tenure heading up the brand team at Virgin, I’ve enjoyed working alongside talented people on inspiring projects.

For much of my career I was responsible for brand communications, marketing services, content development and strategy. Consequently I have an unhealthy interest in printed magazines, digital content and blogs. The power of content fascinates me, whether it is a comedy blog, a designer’s website or a serious political debate, content broadens the mind – regardless of format.

I’m passionate about creativity: in design, in copywriting and in brand development. My post-compulsory studies began at The London College of Fashion, where design and creativity was impregnated in the walls. I once sat opposite John Galliano in the library – simply being in his presence made you feel more talented. I extended my education to include communications, then advertising, my solid design background informing decisions and guiding the way. I’ve no doubt that it helps me understand the nuances of brand development and design.

Brand development – and success – is increasingly dependent upon good content. Without a brand purpose and clearly communicated standpoint, you will struggle to engage today’s consumers. From smartphone to blog, the fast paced change in web and mobile content in the digital world makes this an exciting industry to be in.

I am an avid consumer of content. I love brands that look great, that demonstrate a clear purpose and focus and deliver engaging content. But it is not simply about crafting good content. It’s about understanding the purpose, vision and mindset of everyone involved. It is about you, your role, your project and your ambitions for it.

And then it’s about crafting good content.

To read more about my background, take a look at my LinkedIn profile here.